Q. What is the name of the place that Bahadur Shah Zafar sent after the failure of the revolution ?

Q. What was the name of the area from which the revolution of 1858 started

Q. what was the date of 1857 revolution selected by Indian freedom fighters ?

Q. The main reasons for the revolution of 1857 in India were?

Q. Which British officer was the one who initiated the adoption prohibition policy and removed the adoption tradition?

Q. Which ruler founded the Nalanda University in which century?

Q. Which ruler made Pataliputra his capital in place of Vaishali?

Q. Who was the last ruler of Magadha Empire, what was his name ?

Q. The ruler who built the mound of Buddha’s remains was ?

Q. What was the name of the ruler who is considered the founder of the Hariyak dynasty?

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